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09-17-2020 12:17:53 AM CST

I just heard on your podcast that you have comment section (I'm still catching up), I missed that prior to my email to you, so sorry if I overstepped sending an email. I will sing my praise on the comments here as well! Hi, my name is Amanda and I just have to tell you how much I have loved listening to your podcast. I have never listened to a podcast before, by now it was almost a form of stubbornness and my inane act of resistance. I keep a playlist on Spotify of my favorite scary stories. The Mask of the Red Death and What Was It are definitely my two favorites of all time. I like to search the ones I like the most and listen to different versions of them to add to my playlist. That is when I stumbled across your episode of What Was It by Fitz James O'Brien. I didn't even realize it was a podcast at first. Probably good since given my stubbornness I might have just bypassed you!! But after listening, I found myself listening to a couple more and then decided to start listening from the beginning. Since Monday I am now 30 episodes in! I hope I can catch up quickly. I enjoy listening to your intros and I think you cover almost every one of my favorite stories. And I have definitely gotten some new ones! The Beast in the Cave had me yelling "it's a human, it's a human I know it!!!!!" And the Haunted Island had my heart racing. In these tough times I just wanted to give my praise and my thanks for helping me find something to keep me occupied as like most, am now working from home and it's just me and my cat Charlie here. Sincerely your newest fan! Amanda Schlie (and Charlie, I swear he enjoys regardless of his face)

Oblive Durst
02-17-2019 10:28:21 AM CST
Hello Robert, thanks for blessings my ears with your wonderful podcast. Your choice of stories is superb and your voice is so much more textured and effective than many other podcasts or audiobooks that I have heard. I am currently working my way through your back catalogue and I was especially touched by your personal musings and recollections regarding some friends that had passed away, which you included in your 'On Brighton Road' episode (Aug 2016). It resonated with me and has stimulated some necessary introspection. I wish you all the best, thank you.

03-16-2017 3:47:37 AM CST
I am glad to hear you are staying busy yet still find time for your passions. I heard you talking about your comment page on your podcast and had to post one myself. I listen via iHeartRadio. Your audio stories are just what I was looking for when I stumbled upon them. There are not many who have the ability to bring the imagination to life through the spoken word such as yourself. Please keep up the good work, we are out there and we are listening!

10-01-2016 2:29:51 PM CST
I stumbled upon your podcast not so long ago and it was exactly what I wanted. I love listening to horror shorts/classics (especially that of Edgar Allan Poe). I hope you will have the time to keep up the podcast. Thank you.

Horror Stories Podcast

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